Moving Inquiry Continuum Training Program Embodiment and the Creative Process

Taught by Robin Becker
Module 4 of a 200 hour, 8 module

The focus of module 4 will be on the body as a creative process. Approaching the body with a sense of interest and openness to discovery, we will explore how the primary movement motifs and processes of our biology can serve as a metaphor for our creative endeavors. Continuum offers a methodology through which we learn to be receptive to new and unfamiliar patterns moving through us.

All creative processes offer us the challenge of learning to recognize and welcome that which is unknown. In this module, we will continue to build our perceptual capacity and deepen in our sensory awareness of the silent realm of movement within. Through ongoing practice we gain the experience of moving with an underlying unity and unfolding mystery of life. The nature of the body becomes a resource we learn to trust and rely upon as we meet unknown territory and the emerging possibilities of new innovation.

This module will include explorations of the following inquiries:
• the relationship of imagination and image-to- body function and expression
• the role of creative play and dialogue in all learning processes
• how context shapes the possibilities and outcomes of all creative processes

Entry to the 200 hour training program is possible anytime. You do not have to attend the entire 8 module program.

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Continuum Workshop

Limited to 6 people
Cost: $140

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Private sessions are available by appointment: contact

Coming Home to the Body, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

For everyone:

Renew, restore, and increase your vitality by exploring the fluid nature of the body through Continuum, an innovative movement practice. Just as the earth blossoms each spring, the body is an endless resource of unfolding possibilities. Each person’s unique path of embodiment is the expression of an ancient planetary process.

In Continuum, we learn a universal language of biologically based movement incorporating breath and sounding practices that initiate personal movement explorations. Experience how the body is in a dynamic conversation and relationship with all of life. Robin Becker teaches how to discover restoration from within and reclaim your ever-present birthright of fluid potential.

Appropriate and safe for everyone at all movement levels, this program investigates how the evolving flow of the body informs and benefits other movement practices, including shiatsu, massage, yoga, dance—and life itself.
To Register:
1 (800) 741-7353

Rooftop Party

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Monday June 17th, 2019
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Rooftop Party
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A Screening of the Documentary Film
Into Sunlight
A Performance of Weaving

The party will be held at the home of Steve Daniels and Lisa Clementi, 222 West 80th Street, NYC, NY 10024, rain or shine. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be provided. Space is limited. Purchase Now!

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The ISMETA-NDEO Conference

Robin Becker and Dance Educator Ann Biddle will be facilitating a workshop session  on Continuum and the Choreographic Process.

Into Sunlight- the film, will be screened as part of the Conference.