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Reviews and Articles

Letter of Endorsement: "Into Sunlight"
- Robin Becker Dance Company, Scott T. Krawczyk, Ph.D., United States Military Academy, West Point, NY

When Dance Heals
- Rachel Caldwell, Dance Teacher Magazine

'Into Sunlight' A Graceful Reflection on Vietnam War
- Sarah Halzack, The Washington Post

From Memoir of War and Loss, 'Into Sunlight' Seeks to Heal
- Sarah Kaufman, The Washington Post

Into Sunlight
- Carmel Morgan, Ballet-Dance Magazine

A Conference on War, Inspired by a Dance
- Karin Lipson, New York Times Article

UW Dance's 'March Into Sunlight' Poignant and Powerful
- Lindsay Christian's, UW-Madison Review

Into Sunlight at 92Y
- Oberon's Grove Review

Robin Becker's Into Sunlight
- Philip Garner, Oberon's Grove Review

Dancing Dulce Et Decorum Est
- David St.-Lascaux, Brooklyn Rail Review


"It is one thing to hit on a timeless theme, it is quite another to bring true art to the stage. That is what Robin and the dancers are doing. This is a major work that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible on the largest possible stages. It is my deep hope that they get the support and acknowledgment they deserve."
- David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author
They Marched Into Sunlight Letter of Endorsement

"'Into Sunlight' is a far-reaching...forceful, reverential remembrance of the lives lost in that era."
- Sarah Halzach, Washington Post

"Breathtaking... It's always a pleasure to experience a work that truly shines."
- Carmel Morgan, Ballet Dance Magazine

"One dancer not afraid of eloquent simplicity was Ms. Becker... This was this evening's loveliest performance."
- Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"Becker possesses an eye, a feel, a love, and knowledge of movement, which she imparts to a splendid ensemble of dancers."
- Phyllis Goldman, Back Stage

"This sample suggested that (Ms. Becker) can translate (Rumi's) verbal imagery into motion... "Doorways"... was only for five dancers, but their gatherings and dispersals implied that a whole community was present. And the way Mr. Detrick combined flowing melodies with steady but unassertive percussion rhythms reinforced the choreographic sense of people moving onward without anxiety."
- Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"Becker offers up a palpable spirituality that must capture something of the original appeal of modern dance."
- Diane Webber, Downtown Express

"Her quiet intensity made her always compelling."
- Jack Anderson, The New York Times

"This solo and duet, because of their relative simplicity, the clear relation of emotion to movement, and the restrained eloquence of the performing - rise above their traditional subject matter. Becker, a modest and very sensitive performer, really does make her outcry seem imperfect, aborted ­ stifled in her body the way terror can stop a scream already rising in the throat."
- Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice

"(In Kindred), propelled by the elements of crisis and resolution, the choreography becomes a story that must be told."
- Anne Tobias, Danceview

"Again we had power, ideas, attention to detail, and stimulating groupings given smooth movement and free transitions. The extraordinary work of the dancers strongly to be celebrated."
- Bert Wechsler, Attitude Magazine

"Becker's full-length piece (Naming) gave further proof of her original voice."
- Phyllis Goldman, Back Stage