What Happens in Continuum Class

In Continuum class, breath and vocal sounding practices are used to initiate movement explorations. Each class begins with instruction in specific sound, breath and movement practices that then form the structure of a personal movement exploration during the latter portion of each session. Attention is directed to the fluid interior landscape of the body and how it is touched, shaped, and enhanced by these practices. As we connect more deeply with biological processes, we cultivate nuance, new sensations, and rhythms in the body. Our breath and movement begin to reflect this understanding of our fluidity in the world.


What distinguishes a Continuum class from other movement courses is that Continuum does not teach or prescribe a system of movement that one must follow and learn. Instead, the primary intention of a Continuum class is to support and create the opportunity for deeper levels of movement and sensation to be experienced. The resonance of people breathing, moving, and sounding together establishes a safe environment for a personal exploration of one's own movement.

The movement explorations are slow-paced, and the experience is both contemplative and dynamic. Participants in a class have choices to work from a variety of positions: sitting on the floor or on a chair, lying down on yoga mats or blaknets, standing, or working with large exercise balls. Loose, comfortable clothing, or other exercise clothing is recommended. Continuum is gentle and appropriate for all levels of mobility.