Robin Becker Dance believes in dance as a means of achieving aesthetic, physical and spiritual awakening. The Company is committed to creating works that honor ancient wisdom and traditions through the language of modern dance. Combining 35 years of professional dance experience with the exploration and study of meditation practices, Ms. Becker’s work in dance synthesizes science, movement, and spirituality to unearth the wisdom contained in the body. For Ms. Becker, “Dance can create a tradition of awareness, an invocation to embodiment, and a portal to the interconnected community of life.” Ms. Becker and the dance Company views art and teaching as integral parts of healing, and a path through which an individual can be supported in expressing their unique qualities of spirit. As an embodied expression of the human experience, the essence of making dance is fundamentally an expression of community, as performers and audience constitute a whole, and not separate entities. Dance provides the means for the two to share and connect deeply with each other. Speaking of her work in her own words, Ms. Becker says, “I strive to explore the relationship between our common human spirit and its physical expression. I would like to think of my work as a journey – a rite of passage which enables the dancer and audience to mutually rediscover an often forgotten ground.”

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Robin Becker Dance distinguishes itself by an extensive history of performance and teaching engagements as well as a dedication to the essential truths expressed through dance. An outgrowth of the fulfillment of this mission was the production and release of a documentary film of "Into Sunlight", a dance Project making a statement about War told through modern dance. We work with veterans, veteran outreach, and other organizations throughout the world on healing.

As a dance company, Robin Becker Dance is dedicated to uniting mind, body, and spirit through choreography, performance and education in order to foster understanding and healing through performances, workshops, generating community dialogues, and offerings that support deepening experiences of interconnection, inquiry and learning.